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Introducing... YouTube!

It takes me a really long time to create a piece of artwork. I find it hard to get in *the zone* and the conditions have to be perfect. I need daylight (my brain doesn't function at night); I need nothing else on my 'To Do' list; I need something to listen to, or ideally someone to talk to. The work I produce is also extremely detailed and has multiple stages across multiple sessions in order to get the result I am satisfied with. On top of other employment, socialising, and general life responsibilities, this means I usually end up with maybe half a day per week on average to create work. I want to be able to share more with people, in addition to finished pieces. I am very proud of my skills and with the expertise from my friend Tom, I have been able to find ways of making the most out of my already-existing process by utilising multiple platforms such as streaming, reels, and YouTube videos. I have had it in the back of my mind for a while that I would like to start a YouTube channel as a way to shed light on my general process, and recently I took the plunge!

Filming myself draw immediately sped up my process - there was accountability through the camera. If the camera was filming then I had to be drawing. For my first video I ended up with around 6 and a half hours of footage, captured over 3 sessions in 2 weeks. Not to mention however many hours I lost through not pressing record, and running out of iCloud storage. This was probably the fastest I've finished a piece in a while.

On the other hand, recording the audio was a different matter. I watched over my footage, and did a one-shot recording where I rambled about my process... and honestly I'm still not sure if what I was saying made sense. It turns out I hate listening to my own voice so watching it back became a challenge. With the help of my wonderful partner Tweak Audio, the video was finally at a place where it could be viewed. The video is definitely not perfect: the camera is at a bad angle and my narration is nonsensical. But it's something I'm proud of. I will get better with each video and I'm just excited to be able to show everyone how I make my work!

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