Editorial Illustration

Lockdown. March-June, 2020.

A collaboration with fellow illustration graduates from Falmouth University. Each participant submitted one illusration depicting something that helped them cope in lockdown during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. This image shows how time started to blur into one as the days passed.

Visit www.instagram.com/illustratorsinside to view the full project.


'Women Lead The Field In Psychedelic Psychotherapy'

An illustration inspired by an article describing how a group of women's' research in to psychedelic drugs could revolutionise psychotherapy. .


'How To Make Night Terrors Less Terrifying'


An illustration to go alongside an article exploring how night terrors affect children.


An unpublished illustration around the theme 'Land, Sea and Air' for a calendar for a printing company based in Cornwall.


'The Rise Of The Teetotal Student'

A speculative illustration to sit alongside an article in The Guardian (in print and digitally) exploring the reasons that students are increasingly deciding not to drink alcohol.